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Vicki and Larry Pond, Directors

Professional AutoSports is an organization that promotes Driver Development, Driver Education, Track Programs and Driver Safety Equipment in the Auto Racing Industry. Vicki and Larry Pond have a long history in auto racing.

Vicki is well known as an expert in driver safety equipment. She has provided custom and off the shelf safety equipment for drivers at all levels of racing. This includes Karting, Track Events, Amateur Road Track Events, Amateur and Professional Road Racing, Amateur and Professional Drag Racing, Professional Stock Car Racing. She has been a leading distributor of Simpson Race Equipment and other top level safety equipment manufacturers. She is best known for her expert advice to racers and creative custom drivers suits.

Larry is well known as a championship driver in Amateur and Professional Auto Racing. He is an outstanding teacher and coach, providing racers with knowledge that reduces lap times and makes racing more successful. His favorite race car was his Shelby GT-350 that was black & white, known as “The Skunk”. His contemporary race cars have been Mustangs, Corvettes, Stock Cars and purpose built race cars. He worked for Cadillac as a contract driver from 1997-2002. As a graduate Engineer and a race driver, he is very well schooled in car setup and race strategy.

Professional AutoSports Driver Development Foundation

The Driver Development Foundation was founded in 2007 to help young people that would like to develop a career in professional racing. Young people and their parents from ages 8-20 are selected for the foundation program.

Driver Education Program

The Driver Education Program includes on track Driver Schools, Seminars, individual coaching and books on the key factors that will make students successful drivers.

Track Programs

Track Programs include Manufacturers Ride & Drives, Media Driving Programs, Commercials for TV & other Media, Manufacturer Testing Programs, Team Testing Programs and specialty Race Programs. We use speedways and road courses.

Driver Safety Equipment

Proper safety equipment will save injuries and lives. Vicki Pond can recommend and sell you the correct equipment to keep you safe at all levels of racing.

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